03 June 2010

how to ask such question?

bile kepala start travel to outer space, mcm2 rase nak point nye satu je.. ok, we are human and being a human, we must understand the concept of WE ARE DIFFERENT & UNIQUE..

sy cuma salute pd mereka especially perempuan yg ada boyfren yg sudah bekerja tp tahu full payment partner anda.. mcm mane anda boleh tahu salary + account statement partner anda? that thing should be private n confidential rite? seriously tabik spring! sb sy SEGAN + MALU + RASE X PERLU nak tnye..hihi.. tp lain org, lain ragamnye..

tp kalu light discussion psal saving n future bole diampunkan lg pon berkawan dgn ramai org tp sy xpenah go in detail about their salary..but if they wanna share it wif me, then i'm ok.. sy yg bkawan dgn AFIQ pun x penah pegang ATM card die..kalu die withdraw money, I rather stood at the back or stay dlm keta hanya tahu die pegawai Gred full payment including allowances x penah plak amik sy tau gak die ade simpanan..cuma exact amount tu xde la la,kalu die nak sy, die mesti kene ade savings nak meminang sy..kan?

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