11 January 2010

2nd weekend in JAN

after dinner, me n Adlina rushed back to our home because Ina had to meet someone and I need to go back to Melaka, my hometown ;p ....... I fetch AFIQ and we singgah at R&R seremban bcoz AFIQ wants to eat KFC for his dinner..huhuuu.. we reached Melaka about 12 something and slept at my sis house in Tmn Bertam Jaya..

for the next day, I become babysitter for my niece..phewww!!

On Friday 8th Jan, we had dinner with our big boss from Sweden (Martin Andersson) at PIne 38,seksyen 9..he's so cool n sporting boss ever!

Martin and his family just get back from LAngkawi..that is why they dressed like fact,this is not a formal dinner, juz to show our appreciation..

p/s: cute son & beautiful daughter..great combination!


afiq Ehiwan said...

first time masuk KFC yg majority workers is INDIAN...fuh....hahahah!!a very good experience for me...

Dalina said...

hey ape ni,cite la byk sket psl nani tu