06 January 2010

A Y A H = 66 yrs old

the day before yesterday was my dad's birthday..huu..66 yrs old now..whuaa not that old..still tough (sb sgt suka bbakti pd tanah), in a good health condition (may it last long..amin..),still can drive for long distance trip n driving at nite (but i'm not encouraging him to do it often)..

i know i can never repay u till my last breath but 1 thing remains forever, i'm daddy's sweet little girl!!--hikhikhik--

thanks for everything, ayah! u raised me up so00 well more than anything else..i cant imagine my life wud be without u..we know u LOVE mama so much n i want to thank both of u for being such a wonderful n extravaganza parent to us (mmuahhh!!)

thanks ayah for always being there for me, thru my UPs & DOWNs..n i hope u can be my 'wali' at my wedding..i pray everyday asking HIM to make u stay with us until the day comes..and i hope its gonna be s00nnn*

p/s: hang on daddy!! watch ur diet n I LOVE U!!


Dalina said...

aaaa jahat awk bt kte nanges plak ;(

bahirahyj said...

ayoo..hehe,sowiee :)