18 January 2010

HIPS don't lie

14th Jan: JCard Day..hahaha..actually i'm not JCard members but FAraH got it! so after work,we went straight to Jusco Bkt Raja..unfortunately we spent almost an hour just to find a parking lot (what!!)
goshh!!!ramai giler org okeyy..mane la org2 ni sume dpt duit byak2..kan tgah bulan..(*_^) kami dtg dgn tekad utk N0T to buy anything..hehe..krookk..kraakk..kokookk perut suda lapar..beli waffle kasi alas perut.hehee.then hunting session begins!(oopss..cuci mata je)

after a few hours searching n thinking,i've decided to buy only a pair of long pants..actual price is rm60 and going down to rm18.70!!who can resist?nak queue for fitting room kinda wasting my time n i'm not into mood of waiting so i juz grab S size.. sb M mcm too big for me.agak frustrating coz my intention is to buy high heels or purse but it turns out this way..huhu..~FAraH bought a pair of sandal n a tshirt from seed..

then kat umah bru try n guess what?my HIPS don't lie...hahahaha.hey..hey..seluar itu still fit okeh..cuma kena kecik kan sket that part..pasni kalu nak pakai kena puasa ganti on that day..overall puas hati!

p/s: no pics sb skrg pakai hp xde camera..whuaaa :'(


PooH said...
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Haidasafera said...

6 inch?????

bahirahyj said...

apekah yg farah cuba ckap kan?adekah psal kasut yg telah tiada stok itu?