28 January 2010

still here..

hye everyone!thanks sb drop by and read my entry! i'm still here..still breathing and alive! heartfelt grattitude to all my sunshines out there..heart u a lot!

this is my blog where i can give my opinion about some issues (obviously not politics), share my feelings, or anything yg i rase nak post kat sini..anyone yg feel irritating or may not have the same opinion wiv me, u are invited to leave a comment..but please..please show your respect..not only for me but for other readers too..

not to forget, please include ur name as my i akan tau sape yg bg nasihat n i akan gune utk self improvement..jgn takut dgn bayang2 sendiri..mane la tau ur advice akan buat i lebih success, so i tau to whom shud i thank to..haa nnt u all yg terharu gak..

kite ingin jadi negara maju tp kenapa masih lagi mempunyai minda kelas ketiga?

it is inadvisable to leave a comment if u are not in a stable condition (emotionally or physically)

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