31 October 2011

BBF Lieza: 11 things

Whuaargghh seronoknye balik dari short getaway!! nnt I upload piccas ok..hehee..

Kena tag dgn Lieza pulak!! jom jawab!

1. Where do u see yourself in five years time?
Ade husband, ade duit, ade rumah, ade kids
2. What is your dream?
3. Can u keep a secret from your bf/fiance/husband?
Tiada rahsia antara kita :o
4. Who will you share your problem?
Family & fiance  

5. If you are not what you are today (your job) what will you be?
Tengah sambung Master 

6. List down things in your wallet.
ATM Card, IC, calendar, money, business card, picture! 

7. How many shoes do you have?
8. If you have RM1million in cash, what will you do?
Buy a house, perform Haji, simpan for future
9. What is your first handphone?
 NOKIA --now I hate Nokia 

10. What is the wall color in your bedroom?
 Pink cair kot..MAMA's fav colour. tu pun I ade cat kaler biru sikit..haha

11. Will you answer all the questions above? (",)


Sfarlina said...

alaa i ade tag u jugak..hihik

~Lieza~ said...

hehe..tq dear... tp xcukup syarat lg nie... hehe..cer baca terms and conditions lain2 tue...=)